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Course Description:

Certified SQL Server Specialist

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Course Content:

SQL Server 2012 offers a robust architecture for enterprise data management, developer productivity and business intelligence. This course provides the knowledge and practical skills needed to maximize the benefits of SQL Server 2008. You gain a solid ground on which to build essential SQL Server development and administrative skills, including creating databases, generating Transact-SQL statements, implementing security and reporting through reporting services.


After this course student will be able to:

    Install & Configure SQL Server 2012
    Understand Database Concepts & Normalization
    Create and Manage Databases, Transaction Logs & Database Snapshots
    Create Tables, Views, Stored Procedure & Functions
    Implement Constraints, Triggers, Indexes & User Defined Data Types
    Write Transact-SQL Statements for Retrieving and Manipulating Data
    Implement login and database security and manage permissions
    Manage Complex Multi-Step Jobs with SQL Server Agent
    Design Transactions that Maximize Concurrency and Minimize Contention
    Manage XML Data & Implement HTTP End-Point
    Implementing High Availability and Disaster Recovery
    Maintain Databases (Backup, Restore & Replication)
    Analyze and Cure Performance Problems using SQL Server's Tools

Brief Contents

  1.     Overview of SQL Server & Tools
  2.     Installing & Configuring SQL Server
  3.     Database Concepts & Theory
  4.     Understanding Data Warehousing & Data Mining
  5.     Designing & Implementing Databases
  6.     Retrieving & Manipulating Data using T-SQL
  7.     Creating UDTs, Functions & Triggers
  8.     Implementing Indices & Full-Text search
  9.     Managing XML data in SQL Server
  10.     Implementing HTTP Endpoints
  11.     Implementing Service Broker Components
  12.     Configuring SQL Server Security
  13.     Configuring Linked Servers
  14.     Implementing Database Mirroring & Log Shipping
  15.     Managing Database Snapshots Implementing & Maintaining SQL Server Agent Jobs
  16.     Managing Backup & Restoration of Databases
  17.     Planning & Implementing Replication of Data
  18.     Performance Tuning & Monitoring
  19.     SQL Server Reporting Services

Course Project
Participants will develop a commercial level distributed database with help of our trainer. They will also plan & implement its replication on multiple servers as well as backup & restoration of the database.


    Nebster Certified SQL Server Professional
    MCITP: Database Developer SQL Server 2012
    MCITP: Database Administrator SQL Server 2012