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Course Description:

Diploma in Banking has been designed to provide insight of banking and finance knowledge to those who are either already serving the industry or intend to join in rapidly expanding banking sector. Furthermore, the program will provide relevant knowledge to those who do not have any prior knowledge of the field but they are willing to enter the disciplines of banking and finance in order to continue their higher studies in the future.

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Course Content:

Diploma in Banking and Finance Management

From developing strategic monetary policies to maintaining a smooth flow of capital, banks and financial institutions form an integral part of an economy at a micro and macro level. The  Diploma Program in Banking and Finance Management has been specifically designed to cater to the needs of candidates seeking a career and looking to grow with banking and financial institutions.

  • – Banking Overview
  • – Understanding the Different Types of Banks
  • – Banking Products
  • – Banking Processes
  • – Banking Relationship Management
  • – Selling Financial Products & Services
  • – Understanding Credit & Risk
  • – Selling concepts
  • Advent of Islamic Banking – Products & Promotion