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Develop and refine management and supervisory skills with Nebster management and supervisory skills training and leadership development programs.

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Managerial Skills Training

Managerial Skills Training
In Context Learn to lead your team by providing them with guidance during these unsettled times and ensure they are able to develop and perform to the best of their ability.
Learning Outcomes By the end of this course participants will have the tools and techniques to be able to:

 Understand the skills required to supervise and manage a team
 Manage your team's performance effectively by giving appropriate, constructive feedback
 Adapt your natural leadership style to achieve results from each team member
 Communicate effectively, whatever the situation  Improve performance via coaching and delegation

Course Management and leadership
 Reflect on the difference between management and leadership
 Define the characteristics of successful leaders
 Determine your role in achieving team success: identify where your team members' strengths and weaknesses lie

Leadership styles
  Understanding your preferred leadership style
 Learn techniques to adapt your style according to the situation
 Follow a structure to ensure effective delegation
 Understand motivational theory
Performance management
 Use your company's appraisal system to best effect  Appraise your team members using objective feedback
 Determine strategies to ease difficult conversations and address contentious issues without damaging relationships
 Appreciate the value of goal setting, getting your team on the path of continuous improvement
 Learn how to keep control when having difficult conversations

Communication is key
 Use a communication tool to recognise different preferences
 Define strategies for effective communication with different people
 Build trust and rapport so that your team can be open and honest
 Leverage questioning and listening techniques to aid operational effectiveness