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Course Description:

Learn Web Designing & HTML5/CSS3 Essentials. Convert Photoshop Designs into Stunning HTML5 & CSS3 websites with confidence. Absolutely no prior experience necessary!

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Course Content:

Curriculum For This Course
Front-end introduction and preparations
Start coding and working on the invisible part
Creating the visible part
CSS: Cascading Style Sheet
Vital Difference between BLOCK and INLINE tags
Image Display and things you should pay attention to
Collect data: FORM and INPUT
URL, External CSS and Comments
Hyperlink and Anchor
TEXT-ALIGN and its challenges and applications
Margin and its bugs, challenges, solutions and applications
POSITION and its challenges, solutions and applications
FLOAT and its challenges, solutions and applications
Challenge your front-end skills and understanding of FLOAT and POSITIO
Apply what you have learnt and create projects
Fontawesome: an awesome ICON image solution
Responsive and retina-ready web page design
ES5 JavaScript